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Replacement service is where professional replacement services remove all the materials on the roof down to the deck and replace them with new material.

Many people think roof replacement services are the same as re-roofing. However, you don’t have to be a specialist to know there's a difference between the two. A re-roof is placing new shingles on old worn-out shingles, while replacement is a roofing service where everything is removed from the roof and replaced with new materials. Somehow, this is similar to a replacement.

How often should you have roof replacement?

Here are some signs to help you know you need a replacement service for your roof.

Hail damage and natural disaster

If a hailstorm has hit your house, the damage might be minimal in most cases. Maybe one or two shingles were affected. But a series of hail storms can puncture holes into your roof, collecting water and further damaging the plywood beneath. You may require local roof replacement services.

End of the roof's lifespan

Like anything on this planet, the roof above your head also has a lifespan. Here's how to find out when your roof is coming of age. The shingles deteriorate, and algae ‌grow on the roof.

When you notice these signs, it's time to call on the professional contractors to have your roof checked. This type of services are easy to find, if you are in the market for quality contractors.

Two professional roofers offering a roof replacement service.

How Much Will a Roof Replacement Cost?

The cost of your home roof replacement depends on many things. The size of the roof is one crucial factor; a large roof will cost higher than an average or smaller one.

Another one is the pitch and accessibility of the roof, and this all depends on the construction. If you have a very steep roof that is challenging to access, the professional companies will charge you more for a replacement. And lastly, the roofing materials are also used to determine the cost of replacement.

Workers from a roof replacement company making a new roof replacement.

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