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The Best Roof Flashing Repair Contractors in Austin, TX

Quality roofing repairs from Otis Roofing can provide new life to any building. Our roof flashing services are available in several Texas areas, including Austin.

If you are looking for quality roof flashing repair in or around Austin, TX, Otis Roofing provides a variety of roofing services that fit your needs. As a small company, we build meaningful relationships with our clients – we believe the best approach is to keep it personal, honest, and with a fast turnaround time.

What Do Roof Flashing Services Involve?

There are areas on the roof in which water has a higher chance of penetrating, including eaves, pipe vents, walls, skylights, and chimneys. When working on roof flashing services, skilled contractors use their best knowledge to create an installation that will protect your home. The most common roof flashing material is steel. Steel is preferred because it provides the protective barrier needed to keep water from invading the roof’s structure as it does not rust or erode easily.

Roof flashing replacement at the gutter seam can eliminate weather damage to a roof structure

Roof flashing repairs are necessary when the flashing around your roof begins to wear down. This can happen for several reasons, but most often, it's due to age or weather damage. If left unchecked, damaged flashing can lead to severe leaks in your roof. So, if you notice any wear on the flashing, get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Here are some other signs that you may need roof flashing repair:

  • Shingles popping up from the corner of your house.
  • Visible cracks or splits in the asphalt and rubber materials.
  • Excessive moisture near joints.
  • A greenish tinge on shingles from rising damp.
  • Floor tiles are sloping up towards the chimney because dampness has eaten away at the mortar.

Why Installing Roof Flashing Saves Your Roof

If the person installing roof flashing did a lousy job, you risk leaks and ultimately roof damage. The roof flashing repair cost can be significantly less than the cost of replacing your entire roof. Repairing your existing roof flashing, whether it be metal, shingle, or steel roofing, can save money in the long run. The additional protection can keep your home or commercial property in better condition for longer and increase the structural integrity of the flashing on your roof. The process works similarly for commercial buildings in terms of area and type of flashing necessary.

Roof flashing repair against red clay roof tiles to protect against water leaking underneath

Hire Our Professional Roof Flashing Contractors

If you need to replace your roofing, our services are available in and around Austin, TX, including the following areas:

  • North Austin
  • West Lake
  • Tarrytown
  • Lakeway
  • Bee Cave
  • Cedar Park
  • Round Rock

When you want the best roofing, you call the best – Otis Roofing. 

Contact us to schedule a free evaluation and estimate of your roofing and find out what makes our roof flashing contractors the best choice for you in Austin, TX.

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