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Otis Roofing only uses the most premium and high-end materials for every job.

Need a new residential roof installed or want to restore the older one to make it look and work like a fresh installation? Our residential roofing contractors have your back! Your house's roof will see a lot of damage and environmental extremes over the years, and the only way you can ensure maximum longevity is to invest in durable and resilient residential roofing materials and proper roofing services in the first place.

We Are Among The Best Residential Roofing Companies

With so many options available in the market, it is easy to get confused about what you should go for. Your goal should be to balance cost-effectiveness with performance. For this, hooking up with reliable local residential roofing companies is a must. Otis Roofing has been in the business for the past several years, and as a premium residential roofing contractor, we guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

We offer affordable and reliable residential roof repair, replacement, inspection, and installation services in Austin, TX. When you call Otis Roofing, know that we always answer the phone and respond promptly to any request. Plus, you'll get the best roofer solution for any problem bugging you. Our residential roofing services encompass all aspects associated with your roof, from regular maintenance to complete restoration.

We’ve got you covered!

A professional engaged in a residential roofing job

Hire the Best in Residential Roofing Contractors

From new residential roofing installation to the restoration of an old one, we have you covered completely! Otis Roofing is not a big-time enterprise, but we are the best of the best, there is no doubt about that. And what makes us so is our drive to deliver as per the expectations of our clients and to offer an unparalleled level of personal attention to their requirements.

Plus, our residential roofing workers are fully trained and highly experienced.

As a small team of residential roofing specialists, we offer greater levels of personal attention to our clients in and around:

  • North Austin, TX 
  • West Lake, TX 
  • Tarrytown, TX 
  • Lakeway, TX 
  • Bee Cave, TX 
  • Cedar Park, TX 
  • Round Rock, TX 

We also offer quick turnaround times. Contact us today and do not delay seeking the help of professional residential roofing specialists anymore!

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We are looking forward to assisting you in inspecting, choosing the right material, or any other question you have about your next roofing project. Drop us a line, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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