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Among other roofing contractors, we stand out for the client-oriented approach. Our free inspections are safer owing to the drone technology we use, and client satisfaction is our top priority.

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  • We’re Always Honest

  • We’re from Austin & We Stay Local

  • We Have Fast Turnaround

  • We always answer the phone

  • We are not storm chasers

  • We’re Organically Grown

  • We’re Problem Solvers

  • We’re Smaller company, Meaning more personal

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Core Services

You want a professional contractor to do the job and reasonable rates to meet the budget. Otis Roofing is the #1 local company that is here to meet your every need.

We partner with the best companies to deliver the best services

We provide top-tier customer service, the finest materials available, and the most cost-effective solutions to ensure your best satisfaction. From the initial phone call to several months after your project is complete, we are here to serve you.

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About Our Company

Otis Roofing was founded by people who suffered from a lack of transparency, canceled appointments, and broken promises made by roofing contractors. We realized that the best way to complete our project was to do it ourselves. You can safely rely on our family-owned company for any roofing project, no matter how big or small it is. Whether you are looking for a contractor to get a new roof or make minor repairs, Otis Roofing steps in to do the job right the first time. Browse through our offerings and find the best option for your next project!




Frequently Answered Questions About Our Work

  • How long will my roof last?

    Generally speaking, we can expect properly installed and maintained asphalt shingle to last between 20-35 years. If you have purchased a home and do not know when the roof was first constructed, we recommend that you have a roof inspection to determine the remaining useful life of your roof. This will help you to both better maintain the roof to maximize longevity, as well as begin to budget for a new roof if you anticipate needing one while you own the home.

  • How long does a roof replacement take?

    The average roof replacement takes 1-5 days to complete. That’s assuming no complications arise.

  • Can I really extend the life of my roof?

    All roofing materials will eventually deteriorate and erode, especially in Austin’s harsh sun and weather conditions. However, you can absolutely extend the life of your roof with proper maintenance. The mistake most homeowners make is to ignore small repairs as needed. A missing shingle takes little time and cost to fix; but ignoring that missing shingle may allow water to seep in, debris to accumulate and pry other shingles loose, or damage to affect the underlayment. Taking care of small problems can prevent the larger problems for decades.

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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

  • Yitzchak Pierson

    Talon was very friendly and informative!
  • Devin Gloria

    I had the opportunity to meet with Talon and learn about him and his profession. He's very knowledgeable and personable. I don't need his services at the moment but I would trust him to handle my roofing needs.
  • Carol Bryant

    Otis Roofing went above and beyond taking care of our home. They had my old roof off and a brand new one on in the same day! The net system they used to prevent debris all over our yard was top notch service. Zero nails in our yard! High recommend Otis Roofing!
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We are looking forward to assisting you in inspecting, choosing the right material, or any other question you have about your next roofing project. Drop us a line, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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